Who can upload images?
Everyone can contribute to RegionImages, whether you’re a professional or an amateur who enjoys photography as a hobby. There are, however, two requirements that the images must meet:


1. The submitted images must have a minimum resolution of 300dpi (A4 format). 

2. Currently, all images must relate, closely or broadly, to The Netherlands e.g. a Dutch neighborhood, Dutch market, cheese, typical scenes etc. As long as the imagery pertains to The Netherlands, it will be considered for inclusion on the RegionImages site. 

Uploaded images with non-representative topics may be removed by RegionImages. If you have images that don’t correspond to Dutch culture, get in touch and send an e-mail to questions@regionimages.com.

What’s the commission?

Initially, you will receive 45% for each image sold.

If you sell more than 250 images, you get 50% of the sale.

If you sell more than 500 images, you get 55% of the sale.

If you offer exclusivity of your images, then you receive an extra 5% commission.

Advantages of Regionimages

We are a professional organisation that focuses solely on managing and selling stock photography.

You can log in 24 hours a day to manage your account and keep track of your sales. 

We have a dedicated team that’s always ready to help should you have any questions.

You retain copyright and editorial control over your images.

RegionImages handles all the marketing and sales of your images for you.  

Where do I start?

Register with RegionImages and agree to the terms and conditions in the photographer’s contract. Next, upload 10 of your best images by simply dragging and dropping them into the upload section for quality control. RegionImages will then contact you as soon as they can with the results of the quality control.